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Fold Out Sofa

A fold out sofa or couch can be a really handy piece of furniture to have. A fold out sofa has usage as a couch and as a bed when needed. A fold out (or sleeper) bed’s ideal usage is in small rooms, lofts, studio apartments and guest bedrooms.

They are generally cheaper than buying a bed mattress and bed frame; plus unlike beds, sleeper beds get the added usage as a couch as well. So you end up getting more bang for your buck, which is very important these days.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a fold out sofa (also known as a pull out sofa)? Grandma used to have one, and that metal pole kept me up all night? Do you remember that?

That used to be the case, but with the advancement in designs and frame modifications, sleeping on a fold out bed has never been more comfortable. This means that the only downside to a sofa bed now is the weight issue.

It used to be that fold out beds were not only uncomfortable but they were also extremely heavy. Again, thanks to some design changes and sturdy light weight solid bed frame wood, fold out couches are no longer as heavy as they once were either.  



One of the biggest benefits of a fold out sofa bed is that it can be used as a couch and as a sofa when you have guests over. They are great for saving space and no one can ever tell that your couch is also a bed. Since they are lighter weight now, they can also be pretty easily moved from room to room.

I actually had the benefit of using a pull out bed recently when I was on vacation. The hotel room had one room and a pull out sofa bed in the living room area. I reluctantly took the sofa bed and I was very pleased with how I ended up sleeping over the weekend. 

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Pull Out Sofa Beds – Types

Fold out sofas now come in all different kinds of configurations. Fold out couches can be in corner sectionals, built in to a large sectional, or the traditional couch. They come in all the standard sizes that a regular bed would come in: twin, double, full, queen, and king sizes. 

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pull out sofa 

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As I mentioned previously, these pull out beds used to weigh a ton, now they only weigh about 150lbs. They can be made with microsuede upholstery, leather, or cotton twill upholstery and feature high-density foam and wire spring fill for maximum support and comfort.

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There are a plethora of colors available include khaki, white, brown, beige, black, orange, green, and many more colors to match perfectly in your room.

There are even more color and design features if you're looking for a kids pull out sofa, which are discussed more on the next page. We also discuss specific models from UTM and Handy Living.

When considering which pull out sofa would best meet your needs, think about which room it will be going in and who will be using it.

Also consider how frequently it will be used. Sofa beds are extremely durable, low-maintenance and can easily be cleaned when needed.